My Kid Came ‘FREE’

My kid came free… ok… maybe not completely free… but pretty darn close by today’s ‘proper’ parenting standards. Most first time mama’s are all about the ‘new’ and ‘matching’ concept. I’m sure they’ve always been like this, but it’s something that I’ve only noticed since I got pregnant with Mini Rookie. Right off the bat, […]

to my mom

To My Mom On My Birthday

I am now officially 25 years old. As of this past Saturday. One question that is constantly asked of me is, “How does it feel to be one whole year older?” My answer, “Same as the last year.” I mean, yea things have changed and all, but really? Deep down? Nope. Still the same ol’ […]


My Breastfeeding Journey

You know, of all the research I found, I don’t think I ever found that concept. I read all kinds of advice on exercising, proper bra’s, positions, proper latching, food, and enough rhetoric to fill several books. I had figured that I had never done breastfeeding before (this being the first kid) so I would be rather silly to not do some research into the subject. But nowhere, that I could find, was the concept of simple mind over matter. Just deciding that you’re going to do it and that’s that…